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    Saturday, November 28th, 2015
    3:04 pm
    Weather's Been Weird Here.

    Not much going on of late. Desert Bus for Hope was a smashing success, as per usual. The last day is always the most insane. I wasn't even directly involved and I'm still not sure I'm recovered. Love enthusiastic geek-nerd-dorks.

    So. I saved for a damn long time with this intention, and finally snagged me a PS4. I'm... really unclear as to why Best Buy's web site sale started just after midnight on Thanksgiving, but I'm also okay with that. Slightly less okay with remembering that UPS doesn't bother to update their tracking information on the weekend at all, but. It will get here. Come to me, Lucifer. Rather tellingly, Schala secured herself a PS4 soon after me, then managed to score Episode Duscae (FFXV demo) codes for both of us by the end of the following day. So I'll be paying her back with geeky beadwork. Relationship goals.

    ...Also I assume my work will drop off for a little while. Heh. I... kind of need to go right back to Desert Bus-related stuff in January. Which I'm trying not to think about right now. No, better to think about video games and the amount of time that's going to be devoted to them soon.

    Thanksgiving was the most delightfully uneventful thing. I had the house to myself (and Cassie) for several hours and ate fancy Japanese spicy ramen with vegetables and ice cream with cookie crumbles and did not have to deal with a single ounce of overdramatic bullshit. It was great. And I still have a hell of a lot of cranberry sauce, that I made myself, that works so very beautifully for sweet and sour sauce. Gotta see if I can stock up on more before the season is over. Canned crap is no, and frozen... is questionable after a certain point. Maybe I just got a bad batch.

    Anyway, what season is it? I have no idea. We went from the 30's to the 50's and then it got into the 60's yesterday and it's all very confusing, but I'm enjoying warmth a hell of a lot more. (Remember that I can't actually retain body heat so cold can go fuck itself and produce heat to warm me.) I hope this doesn't mean another blizzard incoming, but for now I'll just try not to worry. Too much. New England is weird. It's dark and rainy right now, though, which is kind of perfect for a night in with pizza and a movie. So that is what I will do.

    Hope you guys have had a good... everything.
    Saturday, November 7th, 2015
    8:05 pm

    Having my annual Early Generic Holiday Sale over at the Etsy shop, 20% all pre-made, ready to ship items until November 21.

    It's not as if I forget about LiveJournal, I just forget to post and comment, which is ridiculous. And yet.

    We were hit by unseasonable warmth, but it seems like Nature's making up for that now. Boo. I have cooked a lot this week. I'm... not really sure why. Because? Stuff needed to be done eventually and I had some time and a desire to get it all done already so all I have to do is reheat things? Good reason.

    What else. Uh. ...Hey that's a good question. Clearly not much. Waiting to see if there will be any decent PS4 sales. Expecting at least one pre-order to ship next month. Um... pies. Everyone got enough pies?
    Friday, October 2nd, 2015
    11:13 pm
    And Then Suddenly Fall.

    I've been around, I promise that I have been. It's just that terrible habit cycle when I actually read stuff here every day, mean to comment, and then... life, apparently. Also thought processes and bad time management, but whatever.

    Hello. Again. I live! And I still make things. And I hurt my back and shoulder and I don't know how, but that's recovering. And, um. I don't know, stuff. Not much, really. I expect there to be at least one more warm-up before the cold really hits with force, but it's impossible to deny that the warmth is pretty much gone, alas. On the upside, I can wear my Star Trek: TNG uniform pajamas again. So that was a wise investment.

    Speaking of unwise investments... please no one ask me about those. We can all collectively pretend, in the meantime.

    Hope you're all well, in any case.
    Friday, June 19th, 2015
    3:02 pm
    Surviving the E3 Slaughter.

    I can't believe that of all the things I forgot to post here... Well, this is an apt time, I guess.

    So. Yeah. Wow. I'd already resigned myself to losing out on every penny I manage to save for a PS4 so I can play FFXV and KH3, but then I got The Last Guardian lobbed at me (won't lie; I'm not 100% sold on that one yet... though it might be because it's too effective at evoking empathy *cough*) and a FF7 remake that's increasingly sounding like it's going to be a trip and a half (read: not a pale replacement). Time and money for the next couple of years or so? Good-bye. I hardly knew you. Farewell.

    I'm not complaining. I mean, I'm still complaining about Silent Hills and the Konami clusterfuck, but one less game to buy is okay right now. I still have Transformers to worry about, after all.

    In other news... uh, nothing really. We keep going from fall to summer, back and forth. I can't imagine the wild critters or the plants are too happy about that, but from the amount of birdsong I hear and sneezing I'm doing, they're managing.
    Wednesday, May 27th, 2015
    4:22 pm
    Summer Appeared Suddenly.

    Still doing things forever. I'll be delving into a handful of lengthier projects soon, seeing as how my ideas for Desert Bus this year just got approved. The best term I can use for this is "joyful dread".

    We kinda went from fall to summer around here in just a few days. Which I have to imagine really confused the green things and insects. I haven't had to escort a spider outside in weeks, and periods of sneezing are short-lived and sporadic. ...It's not that I'm complaining about these things, they're just weird. Unfortunately around here, with heat comes humidity, and an old black pug is not particularly equipped to handle it. Luckily she has two very dedicated servants who remind her that staying out in the sunshine should be kept to a minimum. Maybe we should start misting her like a plant.

    What else... Dude, this may be a summer of meeting people in person. How terrifying. ...Probably mostly for them. I guess I'd count myself as a "digital native", so it's not exactly as if I don't know there's another human being on the other side of communications (not that I'd be at all disappointed if I keep talking to artificial intelligences), it's just such an odd thing to be in meatspace together. But again, no complaints. I just... should learn my way around Boston again, I think. I'm seriously going to need a map and a compass. Maybe a bow? A hookshot would be preferable, but not after that Game Theory video.

    And one of these days I'm actually going to try a little key lime dessert experiment. Should be educational.
    Monday, May 11th, 2015
    3:31 pm
    So. Things.

    I've been doing some chainmaile lately. ...Obviously. And right now I kind of have to not for a little while because ow despite shiny.

    Not exactly all that much else to speak of, really (which aren't action figure-related; I'll spare everyone here). Absolutely no complaints about that. The weather seems particularly confused, going between summer and fall seemingly at random... though we're left right now with a disgustingly humid late spring day, which is a little difficult on an old black pug. (Don't worry, she's being taken care of. ...And we may just actually test the joking suggestion of strapping an ice pack to her when she goes outside.)

    In other news, the Desert Bus for Hope Craft-Along is open for proposals, if any of you wanted to leap in and donate your mad geeky crafting skillz.
    Wednesday, April 15th, 2015
    4:33 pm
    I am Still Crap at This Update Thing.

    Couple of commissions I've finished recently.

    And commenting. I'm crap at commenting again. I read, I swear I do. And then I intend to make it back to comment and... don't. I don't know.

    Uh... what else... Too much of life has become waiting for FFXV despite the fact that I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to get hold of a PS4. ...Legally. That part's kind of important. I'm not too worried at this point, but you know. Eventually. I mean, KH3 will be along eventually anyway. In theory. Watch them both move to PS6. I generally refuse to talk about The Last Guardian.

    It was really cold and now it's sorta warm but I'm really cold because I can't make my own body heat and Nature is cruel. This is my theory, at least. Spring has maybe finally come, though mysteriously there is very little sneezing, so I'm waiting for that to strike and be all kinds of "fun". Poor Cassie still has a damn cough, but it's calmed some and she's clearly feeling much better with the change in weather.

    I'll be heading out for a bit of a vacation next week, where I'll try not to get into too much trouble. As there will be at least one comic book/action figure shop along the way, I can't make any promises.

    And now I'm trying to be a "reasonable adult" and add healthy stuff to the grocery shopping list (along with ice cream, naturally).
    Saturday, March 7th, 2015
    3:27 pm
    Is Winter Over Yet?

    Was picking at this and discussing commissions recently. And I'm still waiting for beads that should have been here by now, so I suppose I'll have to step into the exciting world of contacting customer service on Monday for a single pack of delicas, but it's the principle, dammit.

    Not much happening, which is good. Cassie still has a cough, but it's improved vastly with time and use of a humidifier when she's sleeping down here. Of course she still works herself into an over-excited coughing frenzy once in a while, and it doesn't help deciding that sunny days require her laying in front of the stairs in order to bark at the mailman and also whatever invisible things and wandering across the street that none of the rest of us can see. But she is better, and very energetic, and we're all hoping there's actual spring just around the corner.

    Two nights ago the sky finally cleared up overnight and I was able to see that beautiful full moon right overhead, blue-silver light bouncing off of the white crap in such a way that almost made it look less hatefully cold. I'd noticed the front steps looked like they were illuminated in neon, and it was a lovely/mysterious effect... until I realized that was because they were coated with solid ice. So it's still too damn cold, but at least a lot of melting has been going on. I can see out my window again! Not that there's... anything to see.

    Kind of not overly much else to write about, really. Working, playing, will vacation at the end of April. Tiny angry Megatron and NECA Dante are supposed to be released this month, but time will tell. (For the latter it's been 7 years; what's another month or two?) I cleaned out the upstairs computer, which hadn't been opened for 6+ years (since it had been purchased, in other words), and that was unfun--but lead to some money, then lead to picking up Transistor for cheap, and I'm surprised that I like it so much. (I really fucking hate strategy games, but this is sort of an action-strategy hybrid.) ...I have to get used to it and I'll never actually be good at it, but great soundtrack, lovely world, and deliciously smooth-talking sword with all kinds of sparkly powers? Hell yeah. (And yes, I picked up the MTMTE Humble Bundle with the money too, because hell, I'm a pirate, but when given the opportunity I am happy to pay for such joys. Plus, charity. You know.)

    Other than all of that, well... I said I was going to rest for the weekend, and yet I keep tweaking a new sewing pattern. I kind of need to stop. Probably. Soon. Maybe.
    Thursday, February 19th, 2015
    4:36 pm
    How Do I Even Still Have Hands...

    I've been kinda busy. And those aren't counting the couple of commissions I picked up over the past couple of months, so... well, I am resting my hands now. Mostly. Sort of.

    It's been cold and snowy and most of the view out my window is just two large hills of white and some plants desperately trying not to die underneath them. No, seriously. It actually did get a little worse than that, even, but I was well past the point of giving a damn about taking a picture. How something so shiny can be so miserable should be a crime against Nature. But no, it is Nature's crime against me. ...Anyway.

    What else, what else... There was delightful food porn. Cassie still has a damn cough, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was, and it's mainly a spotty thing that doesn't really seem predictable. Some days are much better than others, and so it goes, but she sure has her appetite and energy. And ability to get tummy rubs for 10+ minutes before she decides maybe she should go outside... or maybe just get another tummy rub or 17.

    I'm currently questioning whether or not I'm actually ready to attempt to take apart a G1 Transformer for repainting purposes. Just what I needed between projects: more projects! Like snap-together model kits... why. Life is a whole lot of why. With hopefully shiny results.

    And apparently I have to fill out another health care survey so MassHealth can decide whether it wants to fuck around and pretend I don't exist again. Good times. I've little to complain about now, though. ...Aside from the cold and the way my body seems to be handling it. Come on cybernetic enhancements.
    Thursday, January 15th, 2015
    10:21 pm
    Patreon and Whatnot.
    (Apologies to those of you who've seen this several times already. Canvasing. And this is kind of the only blatant advertising I'm doing, so... hey.)

    Support Orin Drake creating Jewelry, crocheted and beaded critters, sculpture and fiction. »

    Because I feel all weirdly legitimate in the fact that I've managed more than one patron through Patreon (thank you), I feel I should clarify what Patreon funding is for to me personally.  In short: supplies.  The exciting stuff like beads and wire and fabric to the truly dull things like business cards and shipping supplies—but let's focus on the exciting stuff more.  This allows me to branch out a little bit, to take advantage of trying things and experimenting with materials and generally making things more structurally sound while also just making neat things.

    What I don't want Patreon to be for me: "just" a donation drive.  You know, I won't argue with tips.  I've had them offered, I've accepted with the sincerest of gratitude and occasionally a little extra detail or coupon or general something because that means a lot to me.  But I also would never expect a tip.  And certainly not a donation.  I want to earn what I make.  I want people to feel their investment is worthwhile, even if that investment is "only" $1 a month.  $1 counts.  $1 says someone cared enough to sign up for a service to give $1.  $1 a month is that woman, years ago, who leaned in and told me that what I did wasn't quite her style, but she saw how much work went into what I made and appreciated it.  That memory still keeps me going.

    On that note, exactly what do I have for patrons?  Well, pictures of what I manage to buy with this supply money, for one; tempting documentation of what is to come eventually.  At some point in time.  Soon-ish.  Communication about these things, too.  I've also been pondering weekly in-progress pictures, since I tend to have 2-4 projects going at once, though I'm always a little iffy on those.  I mean, everything looks like a big pile of shiny mess until it's all put together.  That's just kind of how I work.  But if shiny mess pictures are requested by patrons, I'm only too happy to offer.

    Anyway, this has been a totally unexciting announcement.
    Saturday, January 10th, 2015
    6:06 pm
    Extremely Quick Thing.

    So yeah, I have been really busy the past few weeks. But things are getting finished.

    Also, the pup's seeing improvement. She's still annoyed by her own coughing fits, but they're either a lot shorter or a lot less frequent, and she even got to properly bark at the mailman today. It's the little things.

    Unfortunately she seems to have the same taste in honey that I do, so we're trying to ration the raw organic (read: fucking pricey and worth it) stuff between us.
    Friday, January 9th, 2015
    12:22 am
    "It's Gonna Take More Than a Hand/ To Turn This Thing Around..."

    The Hellraiser reboot is one of many that I am in complete denial over so I'm just gonna put that out there. On the up side... sparkly puzzle cube?

    It's freaking cold. I mean yeah, New England in winter, but damn. And of course I went grocery shopping on the coldest, windiest night thus far, because... me and Nature have a thing, apparently. It's not a good thing. I protest this thing.

    Admittedly it's already been a tiny bit of a rough start to the year here, so cut and whatnot. )

    But hell, it's not like things are bad or anything. The past couple of weeks have just been busy in ways. But I plan to make chili this weekend, I can afford all my bills and some extra supplies even after being such an idiot and snagging a couple of Transformers for cheap even though Figma Motoko releases this month (supposedly), I got Metal Gear Rising new for $8, I'm knee-deep in... more projects than I want to count, but hopefully that means I'll actually finish more soon, and I was able to help a couple of people out recently even if in small ways. I wonder if anyone would be interested in occasional cookie mail-outs if I asked for shipping to be covered..? I don't know, it's a thought. I usually only bake for myself and the dog, so there's a lot that gets stored in the freezer.
    Wednesday, December 24th, 2014
    10:53 pm
    This is the First Rainy Christmas/Eve in a While...

    These took so much longer than I expected. But they just barely made it in time, so yay.

    As for the subject line, I don't mind. I hate snow. I was born on the winter solstice, I lived in Idaho, then right next to the spot in northern Arizona that gets massive amounts of snowfall, then New England. I hate snow. I know it's coming. But it's nice that it's not here yet. And weird. But the moments of Silent Hill fog are great.

    Not much to report as usual. My birthday came and went, the only special things I did was accept a "birthday donut" for lunch dessert and have two extra petit fours (my parents sent me petit fours, cheese and chocolates, so score), and damn well not do anything of value that day. I never really do anything on Christmas, not subscribing to religion, but it's a good excuse to plug in the lights that always hang below the toy shelves and have some extra dessert or something. I'm actually just planning making sweet and sour sauce out of the strawberry-cranberry sauce I have left and doing whatever with it. Exciting, my plans. Well, perfecting the banana bread pudding will happen eventually, but I seem to have a lot of other sweet stuff to get through first. Oh woe is me.

    I do hope all of you are doing well and enjoying holiday times. Particularly with people and critters who are worth spending time with. Toys are optional, but awesome.
    Sunday, December 7th, 2014
    7:56 pm
    "I Got the View of a Rat King's Son..."

    Sometimes things just sort of happen. Over the course of days. Carefully. But still.

    Not a lot to report, which works for me. It's cold. But mostly rainy-cold and not unholy white shit from the sky cold. Yet. Kind of a matter of time around here. Constantly shifting air pressure sure is doing a number on my ears and sinuses, though. Joy.

    Slowly getting the wasband/housemate to see all of Stand Alone Complex. I've been enjoying the reactions, actually, but I'm a little surprised that mentions of Tiger & Bunny keep coming up. I've poisoned him, wha ha ha.
    Friday, November 28th, 2014
    9:29 pm
    It's Cold.

    There's horrible white stuff on the ground. But I bravely made things anyway.

    It was a wonderful Thanksgiving for me, because I was unburdened by any extra work or cooking, and already had half a pumpkin pie left. At this point, screw it, I call holidays and big meals and that was not one of them. I still managed to get extra pie out of it somehow, though.

    What else beyond cold... Well, Desert Bus for Hope was very awesome, of course. I... have tea... and... that's more than enough.

    Uneventful but sparkly isn't so bad, right?
    Sunday, November 9th, 2014
    4:05 pm
    Quick Little Update for a Quick Little Bracelet.

    I just really like Shockwave's "face", okay.

    And now I have to go check on laundry. Thrills, chills, domestic tasks!
    Friday, November 7th, 2014
    12:07 am
    SALE! And a Skillet. Unrelated.

    That's about as much "holiday spirit" as I've got these days, announcing a sale. But still. All the glorious shinies in the Etsy shop (except for the "Made to Order Shiny" section, 'cause I only take orders when I get paid) is 20% off until November 21. (If you're in the market for geeky paper goods, you can also check out Schala's Etsy shop.)

    So one of the local grocery store chains is doing a promotion where you get a stamp for every $10 you spend and can eventually exchange all of the little stamps for Cuisinart cookware. This is kind of a big deal, because it's not crap or off-brand. And sure it takes a damn long time to get to the point where you can get something but holy shit real pans and stuff and it took from the beginning of September but hell yeah I got myself the 12" skillet that can be used as an alarmingly effective weapon. I've never had a real skillet before, this is weird and amazing and I can now officially beat the living crap out of anyone that might try to take it away from me. Two-handed action, even.

    In other news, Arcee. It is totally okay if this means nothing to you. I haven't gotten a shipping confirmation yet so I still can't confirm that this is a real thing that's happening, but.

    And now it is cold and dark and obviously fall. Well, we're supposed to have sunshine tomorrow, but... New England. Every day is a guess.
    Saturday, November 1st, 2014
    8:28 pm
    Oh Right, I Have This Thing Too.
    I'm so good at remembering to update, aren't I? At least I have semi-excuses. I went places and got things and came back and realized "oh right it's almost November" and started preparing for the annual sale at the Etsy shop and for some reason decided to finally kick the stupid social media experiment into gear, but only so much because way too much work so whatever. I also need to figure out exactly how I want to finish making a shelf because... um... unexpected large figures means I will not necessarily have room for the pre-orders supposedly being released at the end of the month. *cough* What a problem to have, I know.

    And then my body started freaking out and there's been this ridiculous "moving ache" (it's apparently moving clockwise, so surely invoking positive energy /massive sarcasm) which isn't really unusual for this time of year but I'm going to bitch about it anyway because the hell, body. It's going to make cleaning tomorrow so much more "fun".

    My Halloween was delightfully uneventful, and I wound up with a handful of various Reese's candies and Twizzlers. I already secreted a way a bag of "fun size" Baby Ruth, so I think I'm set for quite a while.
    Thursday, October 16th, 2014
    11:03 pm
    I Think it's Fall Again.


    As for the subject line, is was very nearly summer for a couple of days. And then Nature punished up for being hopeful. Well, it's not exactly that bad out, but still.

    Got another step closer to absolute evil today with chocolate hazelnut caramel pretzel brownies. I bought that Jif chocolate hazelnut spread and hated it because it tasted exactly like those cheap holiday chocolates that don’t even pretend to hide the fact they’re sweetened "chocolate"-flavored wax.  So I saved it with a lot more (REAL) chocolate, some caramel, a whole freaking bag of those delightful Snyder’s Salted Caramel Pretzels (buy them when they’re on sale you will not be disappointed), and the power of baking.  The sides are set and the middle is decadent evil.

    What else. Uh. Things. I'll be off for a bit of a vacation soon. So I should probably... actually do something to get ready for that. What a concept.

    Well. Shiny things and evil desserts are exciting enough, surely.
    Friday, October 10th, 2014
    4:01 pm
    The General Lack of Eventfulness is Appreciated.

    I don't want to say that I went completely overboard with the shiny, just mostly completely. Almost absolutely. ...I'm resting now. -Ish.

    As for the subject line, it is appreciated but making for severe dullness when it comes to writing about stuff. I've been doing things, working on things, trying to stay warm on the cool days and grateful for the occasional surprise warm day that will fade altogether before too much longer. I'm making a combined cranberry and "frozen strawberries that no one else wanted plus an old apple" sauce/jam/jelly/preserves/tasty pretty THING right this very minute, and I'm hearing the cranberries explode occasionally violently from the kitchen. That's much more fun when there's a lid keeping the resulting explosion in the pot.

    I am deep into the last season of Star Trek: Voyager, and I can tell that it's the last season because children/pregnancy/maternal instincts are fucking everywhere. But I'll still be a little sad when it's over. ...I'm not sure how sad yet, but we'll see.

    Uh, what else. Cassie got a horrible dry, cracked, terrible-looking patch on the top of her nose, but somehow held still long enough for me to get a tiny dab of not-Neosporin on it. She didn't even rub or lick it off, so I wonder if she's got something up her sleeve. Then again I know what that's like and any relief is important.

    So. There are those things. Yay for things.
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